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Write for the Help Hub!

Hey guys,

So, i've been thinking of ways to keep communicating with you, the community, and i've come up with this.


I will write as often as I can, and will continue to add new features and services to the site so you have access to as much free help, information and resources as possible.

That said, this is a resource for you, not me. I don't want to bore you all with updates about the website and statistics about usage. Boring...

Today then, I am calling for writers to contribute articles to the site. Are you a business doing something cool, interesting or awesome in the community? I want to hear from you, and I want it on the site.

Do you want to share a personal story, or a recovery story? Let's have it.

How do you submit an article? Message Me (Jack Dart) on Facebook, and I'll organise to get it uploaded and posted. I may even add a section where you can submit posts. This will, of course, depend on interest.

In the meantime. Stay safe, happy and get writing I guess.


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